7yr-old Punk on Ellen

I haven't blogged in a while and I hardly ever log on to EBW but  had to vent about something.

As I sat at my local tire center having a nail removed from my tire, the Ellen show was on their TV. I wasn't paying much attention to the inane yap-yap-yapping of Mr. Degeneres and his mindless guests then something caught my eye. They were showing a cop chase video and, being a dude, I was interested. When the car stopped, a msall boy got out from behind the wheel and ran from the fat cop who had been in pursuit.

Dykie McHomely was talking to the father of the kid. The boy was 7, had taken his mom's car for a joyride, and ran from the pigs. The mood was one of joviality and light-heartedness. They brought out the boy, a spiked-hair little faggot who mugged and waved to the audience of fat, stay-at-home welfare slobs, bulldykes, and various white trash daytime TV watchers, who cheered as if he were just the funniest little kid! The little dickhead was flashing back-atcha's and various thumbs-ups and was obviously basking in his celebrety.

Allen, I mean, Ellen, talked to father and son for a while and the crowd just laughed and laughed at the little rascal and I was livid. I wanted to scream, "ARe you people all FUCKING RETARDED?!?!?"

At the end of the segment, TunaTongue tokenly told him that she didn't want to reward him for stealing a car because it's not something one should do, then proceeded to presented him with a motorized miniature car for him to keep.

I won't say what I would have done to him were my son because if he were my son, or yours, or yours, he wouldn't have been such a little scumbag piece of shit.

I wanted to slap the cocky smile from his head and put him in juvie with 13yr-old rapists then take a pocket pussy and stretch it over Ellens face (providing it would fit over her clit-ticklingly huge nose) and enjoy a beer as she suffocated slowly. I was that outraged.

Sorry, regular bloggers, that I have not been on here reading and commenting on youe work but life happens and things change. I'll be in from time to time. Bohank, SJG, Red/Blue, Wallboy, Dirty, Volcom, UdesCar, Tomlet, AWFUL, and the rest of you, peace and shit!

Uploaded 09/11/2009
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