911 building 7

The collapse of building 7 is a fascinating subject. Some people think it was a controlled demolition, many don't even know it existed, and many people are very angry if you think it was a controlled demolition. All of these positions to some extent are damaging.

If you believe it was a government conspiracy you will feel insecure, fear your government or worse hate them.

Many, maybe most, people do not know the story behind building 7. Every one in the USA should have a basic knowledge about what happened on that sad day. If conspiracy theorist keep exploring it on the internet then more people will learn of it. 

Many people get angry or simply dismiss any thought there was a conspiracy. This is not always good because it closes your mind to certain pieces of information. However, if you did do a lot of research on the subject and are certain it's a bunch of bunk then fire away! 

Personally for me at this point Building 7 was very badly damaged on the south side and at the bottom corner. It looks pretty bad and I could see how it could fall. In regards to the BBC newscast reporting building 7 collapsed 20 minutes befor it did was bad reporting. Earlier in the day the fire cheif decided to call off the fight on that building because they had low water pressure and there was some buckling observed by the crew. Perhaps If they had enough water pressure they could have fought it but without sufficient water pressure it was useless. Inside the building there was a large atrium which leads me to see how the building collapsed in the center. It was decided a few hours earlier that trying to save building 7 was futile and it would fall. That was the information that the BBC messed up. You can find transcripts of these event online.

The most damaging thing the fall of building 7 did is the damage to the American psyche and how it has caused so much division and anger.

While I do not personally think 911 was a government conspiracy , it was a huge failure on the part of the government security and a lot of people should have been held responsible. Perhaps if a lot of senior officials were fired and or charged for dereliction of duty it would diffuse the need for people to point their fingers at the government.

Getting upset with people who disagree with you on this subject is useless.

Demanding from your government that those in charge of security be pulled out on to the carpet might be a better solution. 

God Bless America!

Uploaded 03/15/2010
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