911 terrorists on eBaums

People make me sick. I know there's alot of America haters out there.  And I knew there were going to be comment on the 9/11 tribute that pointed fingers at Bush and brought up Illuminati, but the fact that people were laughing about it, even if you were joking. That's really messed up.  eBaum's world should have disabled the comments on that.  I mean, I dont care if you dont like America, that's your opinion, I live here and I really don't like alot of things about it either, but that's another blog.... but the point is, whether you hate America or not is beyond the point.  Paying tribute to the victims of 9/11 has nothing to do with America.  We're all in the fight against terrorism together, no matter where your from, because it's not one country against another.  It's a group of confused, or just plain evil people, targeting the rest of the world.  Elimating the "inferiors."  Don't look at the people who died and say, theyre just Americans.  They're not. Theyre innocent people who had familys.  That was 3,000 people who happened to be in teh wrong place at the wrong time.  I know there are societies that don't take death that seriously, but this is ridiculous, if you poke fun at the victims of 9/11. Your supporting terrorism. You fucking terrorists.

Uploaded 09/11/2008
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