99 cent menus!!!

99 cent menus! There are more to them than we really think. You see when we think about 99 cent menus we think of Wendy's Mcdonalds, and perhaps Jack  in the Box. Most of us think of it as a good way to eat in a hurry when weve only got a dollar and some change. But when we look deeper we see that it gives us hope and a full stomach. But to many of families it's a cheap way to feed our families on a Friday night after the paycheck was blown on crack cocaine! But don't forget tabout the Homeless people and illegal immigrants because we know that to them getting 99 cents menu food is like getting a meal at a Red Lobster! And also with class, you know the ones where your waiter Percy brings you a bootle of booze in the pan of ice but they don't have to worry about that cause when your a hobo or a border hopper the booze is included. Ah the 99 cents menu maybe that's why we have so many illegal immigrants.

Uploaded 09/23/2008
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