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I like your feedback, you show such emotion. You sir can suck my **** anyday. I can tell by your screen name you suge huge dick, so my nice 1/2 inch man sword wouldn't be a problem.


So, how was your day? I like the way you use words, it's like sex to me. Gets me really hard. But since my **** is only 1/2 an inch i can't do much with it. So I have to cry all the damn time and use blogs since I have no life.


It's been a long ass time since we spoke. You still fucking your sister by Grego creek in Alabama? can't wait to see what inbred kids your man boobs will make.


Now let's discuss your bitch fits. If my blogs anger you (which they do) stop reading your pig fucking  faggot. Shit, man get my pubic hairs out of your damn mouth. I'm a fucking troll who bangs your moms hairy butt cave every lunar eclipse (I will not pay her child support). Last time I shoved my finger in her rectum and licked her poop. Good shit. Because it was the green kind. MMM MMM MMMMMMMMM green poop.


So if you got your cock ring on (which you do since your sister broke her jaw) I bet you jizzed all over the place. Eating all kinds of chocolates, rubbing on your fat beer belly. Sending me pics after reading this).


Get back at me. ;). Oh and write a blog about this situation.


Oh, and keep feeding me shit to troll on.


Peace and pancake grease.


P.S. I sent you a bunch of African Child Sex Slaves, I heard about your fetish for dark babie pud.

Uploaded 05/16/2011
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