A bridge to peace

Ok, I would officially like to open up a serious and non biased line of communication with wallboy and any other Democrats that would like to share opinions and maybe learn something from eachother.

I feel kinda bad about bashing wallboy so much so I will give you an oppurtunity to try and show me the ways of your people. Seriously though I wouldn't mind hearing what you or anyone else have to say about the political turm oil we are in and hopefully I will pick up some new info.

I will start it off by talking about Ford.

So Ford was the only auto manufacturer (I beleive) that didn't take any bailout money and the report just came in that they turned a pretty good profit. GM is still not doing well and who the hell knows what is happening with Chrysler? Last I heard they were sold again to a Japanese company or something.

I will bet that you will find that more results like this will start popping up and I'm sure the Dems will try to keep it quiet the best they can. I have always said that if you have an inferior product and no demand you shouldn't be in business. That is what happend to the auto manufacturers and if we would have let them fail the strong would have survived. Instead the governmant got their fingers into everything and ruined those businesses.

So now the governmant owns these companys and we still have a shitty product being produced here in America. Why do you think that Toyota and Honda are doing so good? They build a car that is affordable and damn near never breaks down. I don't care if you are American or Martian if you have a better product at a better price than I will buy it from you.

Despite what wallboy and the Dems think it was Capitalism that won the cold war not their conflict with Afghanistan or whatever junk they make up.

God Bless Capitalism and God Bless the Republic

I look forward to hearing your arguments.

Uploaded 11/06/2009
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