A Career in Writing?

Hello eBaums,
First off I'd like to thank all those who have requested my friendship here and I'm sure I will be confirming most of them in a little while. I just got to get to know you first is all. It's not like I'm anti social or something. I'm just a bit slow give me some time.
So now that's over with can you believe all the ratings I'm getting? I was comparing them to other blogs who get only one or two ratings, but mine are getting almost 20! And then of course I'm trending for 3 days in a row. I think it's a sign that I should start a writing career. I mean if that many people here took the time to read my blogs and actually rate them without me even trying or learning writing then hells yea I must have a talent. This sure beets working at the store and I can have  a smoke whenever I want or sleep in and stuff. I always wanted to be my own boss and this may be my calling. So what do you think eBaumsers should I try to write for a living? Do you like my style and wordsmithing, I just learned that word today. I think one day I could be a magical wordsmith. Thanks for reading and don't forget to rate it means a lot.

Uploaded 11/27/2012
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