A Chat with my Son

I picked up my first born son from his work. I asked if birth control had any effect on population. To my surprise, he took a few seconds to consider the question. My son has been identified as a genius, he is smarter than 98% of the population, except me of course.  Anyhow he said, "No, because population is a function of resources, technology and current events. Birth control as it exists today is simply a matter of choice, not outcomes. 

I then asked him if the holocaust had any effect on today's population and ethnicity. After a few seconds of thinking he said, "No, it would not matter at this time because any damage to their  numbers would be replaced by this time as long as resources, technology and current events supported their numbers. The only way the holocaust would have had an effect if, all the Jews were killed, otherwise their numbers would build dependant on resources, technology and current events. They have done well for themselves in this regard since WWII.

My son espoused the idea that  population is a function of resources and technology. Even if mankind killed off most of it's population our numbers would eventually expand to those levels that resources and technology supports it.  

If he is correct, then our population is potentially limitless as long as our technology advances, This might be a frightful conclusion if we limit ourselves to this planet or it might be our enlightenment to the path mankind is meant to take.

Uploaded 03/07/2012
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