A couple of unofficial rules

So, Im lookin at the blogs and im noticing patterns. People are coming into the blog section, writing a blog, then getting upset or angry or run off. And Im noticing a few trends. I wouldnt call these rules, and much as observations. But Im sure the word rules in the subject kinda caught your attention better. So take that.


First off, pay your dues. New people come in, write a blog and expect rave reviews. Take some time to earn a little respect before throwing your boring life story at us. That way we may have just a little respect left over after reading your ignorant blog.


Im noticing that emotional or serious face blogs are a hit or miss factor. Being guilty of this one myself, I cant say much. Just that in every blog you write on here, you have to expect the immaturity that will follow. You will get negative feedback. Deal with it. Although you will also get a few intelligent replies. Just dont over do it with the emotional shit. Too many blogs about your emo feelings and you can expect encouragement and tips on how to go ahead and finish yourself off, and leave this dark world that doesnt understand you, behind. We dont understand you because you dont belong on earth.


Erep blogging... Really? Do I need to say anything? FUCK YOU. Enough said.


Take criticism lightly, like I said earlier, you are going to get negative feedback to anything you post. No matter how great your blog may have been in reality, this is still EBW. Nut the hell up. It gets annoying to see people asking opinions on here and then attacking when others dont agree with them. I find it humorous. Its like looking at a bear trap, and just tapping it to let it know you are there.


Blog spamming. Freakin limit yourself ok? Go to a porn sight and masturbate a little bit. It'll take the energy and focus from your writing and just plain be great. This is the quickest way to have the entire blog community on your ass. Blogs dont last long on the page 2. Its uncool to push good blogs down, just so that we can read your stupid shit. Put it all in one blog if you really have that much to write.


Your amazing little poem or short story about your fantasy. Ok, this should probably be divided into two, different sections but Im being lazy and Ive already type that sentence. And this one. Too.... Im not a huge fan of poetry, so maybe I just dont appreciate it. Im especially not a fan of emo poetry. If your poem contains a metaphorical use of the word dark, then dont post it. Also, no use of the word abysmal. Im not entirely sure what it means, but Ive only heard it from emos. So no.

 Now, about that fantasy writing. It must be short and include vivid descriptions of breasts. and other parts of a womans body. And she must have been born a woman. and there needs to be plenty of fantasy stories BY women on here. And more descriptions of the woman than the dude. If it includes a dude. Dudes are discouraged.


Also, it is good sport for newcomers to pick fights with the vets on the boards. Its almost like if the roman arenas were as exciting as a text based game. you know, the old games that were on the 1980's computers. You should especially pick fights with them when you say or do something that you know is fucking ignorant. Cuz you are never wrong. You're you. Perfect in every way. Jesus Christ. On that computer. Reading my blog. I feel so lucky.


Yeah, thats all Ive really observed.� Theres more but I have a.d.d. So this is all you get for now. I probably wont continue this.

Uploaded 12/15/2008
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