A Day in the Life of a Poly Couple II


Well the Date that I was to go on in the first blog, A Day in the Life of a Poly Couple, didn’t happen.  Thankfully.  I’ve been in no mood to mess with children lately.  That’s to say, whiney drama queens who are under the general impression that the world revolves solely on themselves.


The wife and I want to move to civilization.  So with any luck we’ll be in Austin Texas inside of a year.  We both know we’re not going to find a sister-wife around here so….why even bother looking?  The morons around here have no idea what poly is, and even if they did, there are no feasible candidates whatsoever.  I hate this area, everyone is either a junkie, a drunk or toothless.  Or some combination thereof. 


I’ve been hitting a few Poly Sites such as and but, not much really goes on there, PMM however, does have a nice forum and decent following of ACTIVE members so…I may make that my official haunt.  I suppose I could break down and just make my own site but, I’m not really in the mood for creating anything that requires the slightest bit of attention.


I think I’m going to go fix me some roman noodles and play some runescape.

Uploaded 09/10/2008
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