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Blogs around here don't get featured very often.  I think Kaustic had one featured about how putting a ribbon on your car was literally the LEAST you could do to support our troops and the ethics of disagreeing with your executive branch while still respecting our troops and their mission.  I didn't agree with it (entirely) but thought it was important, well written, and thought provoking.  What's more is it inspired debate about the issue and is one of the things that got me out of the habit of lurking and into the habit of popping off with my bullshit opinion almost every fucking day.  That was a blog that was worthy of being featured.


Now, at long last, we've gotten another blog featured on the main page.  Cousinodude got his "The 5 Girls You'll Meet in a College Bar" blog into the big time.  No offense, dude, but I have no idea why this blog should merit the main page.  It would be lame of me to promote my own blogs here, but we've had some good, noteworthy blogs that probably deserve more attention than the mildly amusing but pedestrian offering that got featured.


I'd gotten used to blogs never getting featured.  Hell, with all the bottom feeders on the main page babbling inane, immature shit in the comments, it's probably not the best venue for any type of media that contains more than a few sentences and doesn't contain something shiny.  But as long as a blog is going to be featured, shouldn't it be something riotously funny, thought provoking, or deep?

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