A Freedom Worth Fighting For

The nature of our republic was built in such a way that the freedoms of every citizen would be protected from all enemies, both foreign and domestic. The second amendment is what gives us the power as citizens to remain free and sovereign.

  I am all too aware that there are many of you who don't understand this very basic yet important idea. I am willing to accept the fact that you may not agree with me or people like me on various issues and ideals, but I will not accept you, or anyone, trying to take away my rights or the rights of my fellow citizens and fellow human beings.

We as Americans have very little understanding of the great suffering and poverty that is taking place all across the world. The way that we treat our fellow man is absolutely deplorable. Our great country was able to go from a small group of colonies to the greatest nation in the history of mankind. We have been able to create the greatest standard of living that has ever existed. It is vitally important that we retain our right to freedom. If we give up our ability to fight for and defend our freedoms then our nation is lost.

The beauty of our constitution is that you and I can disagree, but neither of us can take away from the rights of the other. If you don't like guns than don't buy them. You can turn on the news and listen to the made up polling statistics about how the majority of Americans are willing to give up their rights, but I warn you that this is not the case.  Statistics have no place in this discussion. This issue is not up for debate. We are fighting to retain a right that is protected by the republic. This is not something that will change democratically.

Feel free to disagree as much as you want. After all, ignorance is bliss, but it should be known that our freedoms will be fought for.
Uploaded 01/19/2013
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