A Fun saturday

Since i sit here wondering what to write a blog about and i think about past experiences ill write about one saturday night i had at school. Some usefull information grade 11 and i go to boarding school its not the kind for bad behavior... so anyways every weekend a go into the local town, actually every day i go into town but on saturdays i dont have to be back at school untill 11 so this is my story

When i go to "town" i dont go to eat i go to get High bitches... and i have a crew of a korean a basian a person from montreal a person from england (he is a chubby fellow) and one from Ontario like me. Well so the one guy from england when he gets high he pretty much becomes retarded and on saturdays he almost gets usless. We had a plan to get him baked as hell and shoot a roman candle at him. So its around 9 just turned dark. (side info the place we go to is a pavilion just off the shoreline of a lake) i go over to a bench a bit away from the pavilion with the english guy and have another j with him just to top him off while every one else waits inside the pavilion. After where done i get up and say im going back over to meet everyone else, but him being fucked out of his mind just lays down on the bench and i dont even know if he realy heard me or not so i go over to every one else and we are all waiting for him to get up but he just lies there for like 3 min and we just fuck it and light it. the first shot lights up the surounding area and it shows him just like passed out on the bench and the second shot was priceless. He up on his hands and knees staring in our direction with the most shocked scared confused look on his face. Now him being dumb dosnt run away from us but instead runs towards us right along the waters edge. I swear all of us thought he was about to jump into the water. (the area beside the water is composed of tall grass for about 3 feet then a nice mowed lawn. Instead of running on the nice grass he is galoping thew the tall bushed and grass. I swear this might have been the funniest thing i have ever seen. So he keeps running along the shore all of us hoping he will jump in but unfortunatly he dosnt. He runs by us and keeps running then he does another odd desition and starts to turn and run in a sort of large circle around us. Ill never know what the hell he was thinking at the time but my god we all laufghed our asses off. :)

random thing - "i wonder if people have typing turrets syndrome"


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