A giant PMS mess.

So yesterday I had a nice fun and angering day.  The giant lead upt ot this day is amazingly retarded. Theres some girl in my third period class who doent like my friend for some reason, Whatever shes not worth my time. But the other day I was walking down the street with Nichelle and my shoulder bumps her. Nomraly I would have said sorry but considering it was that stupid cunt who I bumped I was in no way going to go out of my way to apologise, So she turns around and calls me a bitch, iwhc I am so that doesnt bother me. I think that who escapade is over but apparently it wasnt. LAter int he dya Im walking down the hall with Nichelle and she shoulder checks me. I thought that was the mature thing to do....

 Anyways well that pissed me off alot because she obviously has the maturity of a two year old if she does that and then walks away. I forgot to mention that when she called me a bitch she waited until I had already crossed the street. So Im furious because I do not like being touched by bitches like her so I dont go to class and I got off with my secret "lover" haha and he calms me down. That night I talked to my step mom about it and we sorted a few things out and I decided that if she did anything hte next day in class I would calmy ask ehr what her problem with me was, Because I have never spoken a word to this girl before this.

So yesterday Im just sitting in class listening to my music ebcause it helps me keep my cool and she walks in. She doesnt say anything rude or snarky so I decide to jsut let things go and get on with my life. Then I take out my headphone for a split second and shes sitting at the other table talking about me, With me right there. If she ahd decided to "trash" talk me when I wasnt 2 meters away I would ahve been fine with that, But I dont like it when people are rude like that so I snapped

( By the way, Shes a giant bitch to everyone in the classs, All the time, Always making rude comments and "bullying" everyone"

So I lookat here and very loudly tell her that if she has a problem with me then to say it to my fucking face, and then she proceedes to start threatening me, Were did that come from. I didn't threaten here at all. What pissed me off the most though is that she threatened me with other pepole saying stupid shit like " Oh wait till I see you on the streets with my friends" Last time I checked an unnfair fight is a good way to get yourself jumped. Well atleast here it is. And of course the moment the teacher comes in the room She starts acting all innocent and I get todl to leave the room and so does Nichelle because at this points shes screaming in her face. Wich wasnt very smart of her but whatever. We take a nice long walk around the school to calm down and then go to the office. Before that though I have a run in with a vice principal and Im a giant bitch to her because she tries to take away my phone when Im walking donw the hall with it ( we are allowed to have thenm in the halls)

So after sitting in the office for over two hours and explaining what happened, I get told to sign a sheet saying I want attack ehr, And the same for her, Then I go home with Nichelle and we smoke almost a gram of weed.

What doesn't make sense to me though is why not jsut let things go, Like I know I didnt but I have anger management issues so its harder for me. But seriously I accidently bumped her shoulder in the street. I didnt punch her in the ovaries and then pull her hair.

I feel bad though because I swore at my teacher, So I tinhk on monday Ill apoligise to her.

Have a nice weekend everybody :)

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