A good question for the fellas of EBW

     Actually I should call this blog a good question for guys that are getting laid (and quite frequently) on EBW.

     While having trouble sleeping tonight, I decided like most nights when I'm on the solo, to reflect back on some of my sexual experiences. I thought back to the hottest chick I was ever with. Let's call her Karina. Karina was about as close to a 10 as you can get looks wise. She had a spectacular body & I mean A fuckin' SPECTACULAR body and a beautiful face. A flawless sultry vixen who just extruded sexuality. I met her at a club and to my suprise she invited me and my friend back to her house. We stopped at the 7-11 where I worked at the time & good old Ricky hooked me up with a 30 pack even though it was after two. My chances of getting laid just increased by two fold I thought. Anyway, after a small conversation and my friend taking one for the team, he got with the less than stellar roomate (haha Jared you fuck LoL) We went off to her room for a night of pleasure. We were messing around a getting hot in heavy when I grabbed a condom out my jean pockets on the floor and she snatched it out my hand and put it on with her mouth. That shit just turned me on even more and I was assured I was gonna tear that ass up. Let me shorten my story a little and leave out some of the graphic details and just say, the pussy was less than stellar. Actually, it was the worst fuck of my life. Which considering the girl, this was highly unexpected. I don't know if that's the case with some really good looking girls, that they think since they are so attractive, their sex game can be weak or what, but this was just a horrible experience. If you need a visiually aid check out Ray Lapowski in my submissions Weed VS Alcohol That pusy was horrrrrrrrible haha. Yeah something like that but  anyway, my question to you is....

    If you could have your choice, would you

    A. Rather have sex with a beautiful, better yet georgeous woman (think Megan Fox or Scarlett Johansson) even though the pussy & sex would be horrible


    B. Would you rather have sex with a decent, around average boot knocker (think Tori Spelling or singer Jewel) If the sex was going to be breathtaking and I mean that, we fucking in the backseat of the car and I gotta turn on the dome light to see what the fuck you doing cuz you got me ready to bust in 10 seconds kind of pussy.

     Shit let's get to the comments.

Uploaded 10/20/2008
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