a little background on your new pick on toy, desolate spirit

 I'm twenty one. i'm don't drink, i don't do drugs, not even prescirption if i can avoid it. i never ever ever drink from the tap. i'm paranoid, and am afraid of four things, dead silence, the kind where you can hear nothing but your own heart beat, clowns, don't ask and just don't get into it with me. don't post clown pictures, i've made my peace for the most part with images, small spaces, and losing my fianc'e. many have tried to guess who my fianc'e is, and your all wrong. my fianc'e is actually vetis the wicked...or vetis the defiler. which ever he uses on here.i'm goth. you automatically think pants with huge shiny chains, big boots and brigth colored hair with pericings, but i'm actually baby doll goth, or the more common term lollita goth. hyperactive, usally in a good mood, i wear only balck dresses, as short as possible, i do like boots, but wil switch tehm out for plain black dress shoes. I never ever ever as rule wear logos on my clothing. i am not a billboard. i won't be treated as one.I work a mundane job my dad got me in a grocery store, trying very hard to make enough so wolfy and i can live together. we consider ourselves married already because marrige isn't some stupid burnable peice of paper, and boy is burnign things fun, but marrige is a common bound between two people, it's really more a feeling of utmost passion, of being willing to do anything to make the other one stay with you, even if it means tying him to a chair and making him live in your basemnt until he admits he still loves you, i'm pretty sure he would do the same for me so the feeling is mutal. i have two cats, one black and one tabby. i love caturday pictures and virtual pet sites, and i love mini golfing, and going to the movies to see any movie by tim burton or disney. so. well i'll end this. that's me desolate spirt. i have aim and yim message me if you want to chat some time.


Uploaded 12/28/2008
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