a little help here...

this is embarrassing, but fuck it i dont care... I have been an ebaums account holder since september of 2007, but i have been coming to the site for much longer than that. recently i have just resumed regular usage, and uploading. mostly porn to the mature section, but hey, don't fucking judge me! anyway, what i need to know is simply this... please for the love of fuck explain the refrash button shyte! i can not decide if its a good thing to get or a bad thing, or even what the hell it does when i click on it! so many fucking changes to this place since i've been gone have me confused! oh, and btw... if you do ever venture to the mature section of videos, i'm sure you'll find my video uploads there. please feel free to leave comments!! i don't care if they are negative or positive cause there is no such ting as bad publicity, and i need all the ebones i can get since apparantley my ereps aren't gonna win me any prizes anymore.
Uploaded 02/21/2011
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