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I just can't help but to stop and think sometimes. (Maybe I should more often who knows?)


Growing up at a young age, anything was possible.  We all wanted to grow up to be someone who helped others, whether it be Doctor, Teacher, Mail Man, whatever.  We wanted to take pride in our actions...  We were taught manners, and to be polite.  We were told to respect our elders, and be fair and share with our play mates. We were innocent.  We knew no true hate, and the only things that was evil was the monsters under our bed.   We also had the imagination required in order to play for hours with a stick in the backyard.


My question is - at what point does that all go away?  Where is it that we turn into selfish, materialistic, pathological liars? Why?  I'm thinking it's because of money.  But that really wouldn't explain why we argue our opinions so vigorously, or why we hate others for who they are... or why we discriminate small insignificant differences.   We can't really relate that to nature, otherwise we'd all be taking care of our own children.


I also don't understand how more than half of this world lives in severe poverty - while others are installing P.A systems in their huge mansions because Dr.Phil says that family communication is a necessity. 


This world would be a much better place if we went back to our root morals, and actually stood by them.  If we applied the "share with your playmate" rule that we were to follow growing up, there would be a lot less problems in this world... but no... we've all become desensitized to the uneducated African kids with flies on their eyes... sure we don't really like to see it, and wish it wasn't like that for some people, but we still go ahead and pull our kids out of school because they've been bullied.  As children we sought out new things as a learning opportunity, now new things are burdens, not your problem, or the next 'run over your neighbor in a walmart parking lot on x-mas eve' must have.    No one deserves your hard earned dollar more than you do.. as some would say.  And no one else has the kind of problems you do... ever... or at least that's how we act - regardless to what our opinions are.   We can all worry about the (truely and morally) insignificant like our cellphone service charges, and our miles per gallon, but we turn a blind eye or set goals to place blame onto others when it comes to the big problems. Someone's gotta fix it.. as long as it's not you. Right?


Believe it or not... there are places in this world where the government is in place for the benefit of it's people. They have government benefits that you couldn't get in North America for next to top dollar.   People who make more - pay more taxes.  People who get paid less - pay less in taxes.  And you might think "then why the hell would anyone want to work hard?" ... well you see... it's not about the money.. it's about doing what you like to do... and contributing what they can to their society.  Not only does that work on paper... it works in day to day life for these countries.  You probably won't find these people chasing the cheapest sale either (or running people over to get it either)... they don't have the same "more for less - right now" mentality.  They think beyond their own wallets, their own health, their own belongings, their own opinions, and realize that it's just not all about them.  Why are we so different?  Why are we all afraid of socialism?  Why are we that selfish?    It's when we are this selfish, and this greedy that we get all off these other peoples problems in our laps demanding attention.


If you aren't a part of the solution, you are most likely a part of the problem.  And you don't have to actively steal from someone, or kill someone for the insurance money to be greedy and selfish.   I'm part of the problem (hopefully not for long).  I've spent money on things I don't need.. things that I simply wanted.  I've ignored Salvation Santa at the department stores.  Some of my friends have been through tough situations and I've only offered a "I'm sorry to hear that" response... when really I could have helped more.   I've discriminated against people because of looks... doesn't happen a lot.. but it has happened.  I've been shallow, materialistic, and selfish.


Now, I'm not perfect by any means.  I have let greed get the better of me at times.  But you know.. if I give a homeless guy $10 (almost an hour's pay... probably more after taxes)  I think that good deed will go farther with me than any dime bag of weed that i would otherwise spend it on.  If i knew my taxes were really going to someone less fortunate, I would welcome them.  


Now my only real problem now is trying to make myself a better person without being stepped on.  I guess it's unavoidable in times like these, and that there will always be people with bad intentions... but I don't want to be one of them.  In fact - i refuse.  Hopefully some of you read this, and can identify your own faults - and if it stops you from ignoring those in need on the way to your next shopping trip then that's all I ask.   I don't think that donating everything i have to a charity will balance things out... that's like buying a hybrid because you feel bad for owning a Hummer.    I'm going to make a pact to myself to never discriminate, accept differences of all kinds, and to not deny other people the help they need because I have better things to do with my time/money,  I promise to vote for the greater good, even if that means that I'm in need.


At the end of the day, it's all about having a little humanity.  Get your head out of the money cloud, and breathe some real fresh air.  I guarantee that this whole economic crisis is fueled by greed on every playing field.  Big companies want more money, and need bailouts, and we are furious to have to give that tax money up.  At the same time we're fighting to make more money, or to not feel any ill effect of this economic down turn.  We're always wanting more for less... that's why those businesses are going out of business.  They pay their employee's too much... unions are costing companies more, but we benefit, so were happy.... that is until that company realizes all of the pros to moving production to Mexico and China, and then were out jobs that will never return in that industry... then it's us who's looking for bail outs.. and it's expected of the government to help us out.  It's a viscous cycle that will continue to be the end of us all unless someone takes the loss.  Someone needs to step up for the greater good.  Here's another example.   People are constantly complaining that small businesses and economies are falling victim to large corporations.  True.. sad.. something should be done.  But is anything done?  No.  You don't ever hear about the local Walmart closing their doors because of a boycott... we continue to go there for our greedy little desires why? Just to save a dollar here and there.  That's it... it's not because their shopping cart wheels don't stick, not because your buddy works there, not because the service is better... just to save a couple bucks here and there... a couple bucks you'd probably end up spending on something else you don't need... and you'll probably spend those "savings" on walmart as well.  


We seriously need to wake up.

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