A Long Day Wasted

I spent most of today arguing with YouTube about songs that I wrote or performed since I monetized my channel.  I had to provide a link to the music composition program since there isn't a page there with how you can use the program.  They even flagged one video where I performed just with my guitar and voice.  The strangest one, though, was one that was just some footage of the sun setting that didn't even have music.  It just had the noise of the wind blowing since my makeshift wind screens didn't work.  It's not like I haven't uploaded many other videos I had taken with my camcorder.

I'm not sure how they choose videos to flag, but that last one really seemed strange.  Maybe someone made a song out of the wind noise?  haha  Here's the video if it will appear:

I really don't know what YouTube's problem is, or if they use some kind of software to flag the videos.  How that wind noise matched anything, I don't know.  Maybe it was the footage itself?

I don't mind people using my footage as long as they give me credit.  If someone's making money off of it, though, I want my share.  I'm sure it was just an error, but I really don't understand how this video could have been mistaken for something else.

There's a lot of red tape in the video and music business.  So far it hasn't been much worth the hassle, but we'll see.

Uploaded 05/21/2012
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