A Message From AW Smith

Hello everybody, hope all is well...I just wanted to talk to you about me and rascism.

I am a proud black man.  Yes I am black and I voted for McCain, but we will get bacl to that later.  I cannot condone any of the rascist remarks anymore.  I am putting my foot down against the "N" words.  It only makes yourself look stupid.  Maybe it is because I saw certain sucess that white people had, and I wanted that, thus I surrounded myself with white people growing up in Dallas.  The last two years of High School I lived with a friend's white family.  I was the only black member of a prominent white fraternity.  And now if I did see someone from my younger younger years they would most def call me an "Uppitty N*****"

The reason I voted for McCain was because there was someone very special to me (not my aunt) that helped me thru college.  They make over 250,000 a year, and as a gift for them putting me thru school I voluntereed to vote for McCain.  PLUS I was not playing the race card.

I have never been treated as a black man, I have been treated as a American.  So to hell with all of you rascist bastards out there that dare use that word in my direction, you are only bringing down the country, not me or Brother Bama.  I could in turn use the words white trash but I dare not stoop to your goddamn level.

~AW Smith

P.S.  The reason I chose this avatar was because asa young child my grandma would always buy me a magazine when we went to the grocery store.  I also got Cracked (it is now a website  THis picture was on that website, that is why it is up because I loved that magazine, but more importantly I love my grandma.

Uploaded 11/12/2008
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