A Message From AW Smith

danzig sent me a comment asking why I had not been floating around the blog section recently.  I gave an answer that I had not had any inspiration, and that megla-dildo really gets on my nerves.

If I was to meet him face to face I would urinate all over his leg.

Truth is I do not have ay inspiration for a short something simple.  Like ugdork I try to have a blog inspirational, humorus, or at least thought provoking.

My inspiration has gone towards other mediums.

I have been developing a play.

Yes I said a play, that means I am gay or something by the ignorant mass on EBW.

Like I told another member on this site via myspace

Oh shit, Dominos is at the door...

Okay, so like I was saying I told another member of EBW via myspace about my cousin.  He may be a hot mess right now, and will probally will be forever, but he still showed me the beauty of writing.  He got me hooked on Hunter S. Thompson, told me about visiting Ernest Hemingway's house.  He also inspired me to begin writing after I witnessed him forming his own stories.

And my little hobby has evolved into a play.  Once I finish it and have it copywritten I will submit it on here for much criticsm and little praise! 

~AW Smith

Uploaded 12/06/2008
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