A Message From the One Percent.


Dear 99%,

You don't need me to tell you that times are tough. After all, you just have to turn on your favorite news channel to see that the U.S. is facing the greatest financial crisis in its history!

Everywhere you look... you guys are screwed. Government spending is out of control... the U.S. national debt has been increasing by an average of more than $4 billion per day to keep us one percenters well paid.

Unemployment is skyrocketing... 14 million lazy Americans were jobless as of October 2011! Wages are, half of you dumb Americans earn less than $505 a week! I'm able to get away with slave labor cost.

Poverty levels are on the rise...11.3 percent of all Americans were living in poverty in 2000. Us 1% were able to pump that number up to 15.1 percent! Plus we are letting in millions of cheap immigrants to increase that number and drive wages even further down!

And Social Security is running on empty!... A free pool of money for us rich dudes.

Well, it might shock you to hear... but the banking elite (and their political power-hungry cohorts) have systematically engineered this "Great Recession"... in an effort to "steal" even more wealth from suckers  like you ... and to transfer even more power to us Fat Cats running the show!

Mark my words the current state of affairs is no accident... and not the first time in history the American people have been the victim of government and corporate theft!

I know it looks bleak and completely hopeless...

Because of the coming financial meltdown with your health, wealth and savings destroyed, I want to tell you about...

The "Achilles Heel" of the American public and how we  use it against you to return  a healthy profit to bankster, gangsters and profiteers...
Where you'll lose your money in times of crisis all the while being watched by "big government's" prying eyes will be fooled into thinking they aren't watching...

What things you won't  focus on buying right now, so you can be royally screwed...

Plus, three easy steps to an apocalyptic  future for your country and our world! Look, an economic crash could come at any time. You are too dumb and lazy to take the steps to protect yourself and your family. I fully expect to see it happen any time. Let me show you how you will whither away in the storm... Now that it is too late and there isn't a thing you can do to stop us, let me show you how we did it and what's to come in your poor pathetic lives! Click Here Now! 

It use to be you were born from sin, now you are born into debt!  

Uploaded 11/28/2011
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