A Mississippi Fatwa

Its such a relief to know I'm not the only one who thinks Iraq was a failed venture. Mr. Bryan Fischer over at the patriotic Christian American Family Association feels the same way. Why? Because we didn't convert the heathens at gunpoint when we had a chance. 

Oh, if the Prince Of Peace could see what hateful filth is being spewed in His name in America today:

If we had an enlightened policy with regard to Iraq, the one thing we would have insisted on is complete freedom of religion for Christians and Jews. We did nothing of the sort, and consequently have spent seven years only to leave behind a nation that officially rests under the curse of God. What a waste. 

It grieves me to the bottom of my soul to think of the soldiers who bravely gave their last full measure of devotion in such a misbegotten cause. They served bravely and well; it was their leadership that let them down. 

All this is due to President Bush's naive short-sightedness about the true nature of Islam and what it does to the human spirit. I believe him to be an honest and decent man, but deceived and foolish when it came to Islam. He genuinely seemed to believe that Islam is a religion of peace which had been hijacked by evil men. The truth is the other way round. Islam is a barbaric religion of violence and war. The only hijacking that's been done is by those trying to fool people into thinking its something benign. 

The Spirit of the Lord is absent in Islamic lands, and the dark spirit that animates Islam has extinguished the spirit of liberty in those lands and in the hearts of their people. Their spiritual DNA has been altered in such a horrible way that what they hunger for is domination, destruction, and the death of the infidels. It is impossible for such a people to harbor a thirst for freedom apart from a massive spiritual awakening represented by an embrace of Christianity. No, it is impossible to build a free nation on a platform of Islam. It was foolish and expensive even to try.

Please feel free to email Mr. Fischer with your comments at: bryan@idahovaluesalliance.comor better yet give him a ring on: (208) 841-2546.  Tell him JFetus says hi!
Uploaded 10/29/2010
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