A New Desktop...Mac or PC

I want to replace my old desktop since I have purchased a laptop for school and want to have a desktop that is on the same level as my laptop if not better.

I have always used a PC when it comes to computer. I looked into Macs extesivley when it came time to buy a laptop for college. The primary reason for not purchasing one was because of money. It was roughly $1,000.00 for the cheapest Mac. I paided roughly $800.00 for my laptop. Yes, that's only a savings of $200.00 but that was the top of my price range.

I want a fast desktop with lots of memory and that's really it. I don't play games on my computer so that's not a concern of mine. I do have lots of  pictures, music, and school work on my computer, so that's the reason for memory. A PC would be good because one I'm used to the Windows OS and feel comfotable using it. It's not perfect by any means. I personally haven't had problems with viruses but I've had my fair share of other issues with Windows. Such as bsd(blue screen of death) due to a machine_check_exception error, windows explorer randomly stop working and other stupid shit.

That leads me to Macs. I've heard good and bad about them. The good is less to almost no viruses(yay!), runs fast (always a good thing), and a stable OS (i'd kill for that).

The bad I've heard has to due with the amount of games/getting a lot of them for mac. I personally not a computer gamer so eh i can live with it. Not having microsoft word because I'd have to pay to get the Mac version. I know you can convert the file type but Im saying just incase that dosen't work. Word isnt perfect but it is one of the most widely used word processing programs. Examples, schools, colleges, offices and almost anywhere bussiness use/have PCs and/or word.

One last thing, i know i haven't touched on all the good/bad points of a PC vs Mac but just a general part of it and how it would effect me. So please dont comment saying how i forgot to bring up a certain point that makes one ten times better than the other. I'm just trying to compare them in the realm of how i intend to use them. Surfing the internet, music, pictures, and school work.

So I guess my really question here isn't specifically which computer to get but Mac or PC?


Thanks for reading and your input.



Uploaded 09/29/2009
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