A PlayNovel Rocky III First Blood Full Throttle Part1 Director'

[The curtain opens and we see what appears to be a backyard with a totally cute dog chasing a totally red ball and laughing merrily as dogs often do.]

Puppy: Hahaha [the dog says merrily]. How I love to chase inanimate objects to and fro.

[After 3 hours of doing this, "Puppy" (played by Steve Guttenberg) decides to go find some plutonium.]

Puppy: I'm tired of chasing this ball. This is bullsh*t. I'm going to go find some plutonium. And I think I know JUST where to go.

[Puppy climbs into his chocolate time machine and blasts off to the future.]

Puppy: LOL OMG! What year is it? (he asks to a passing man)
Man: 2008
Puppy: ZOMG! And the date?
Man: February 15th
Puppy: No effing way bro. Woof! What time is it?
Man: 3 o'clock.
Puppy: 3 o'EFFING CLOCK?! I've successfully transported myself TEN MINUTES into t3h futurez! NOOOOOOOOO "Boom*

[The dog explodes with excitement and so the passing man becomes the main character.]

P. Man: I have a name you know.

[So the man sets off on his journey to slay the dragon prince of Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, and arrives at the cave to see a giant squid in khaki shorts telling jokes.]

Man Who Has a Name You Know: I'm going to slay you!


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