A polaroid of a rose? You're the shit

So, now that I've graduated from highschool, I question how many emo kids will be about in the real world. I seriously did not make fun or hate the emo kids; they wore their emotions on their sleeves, something that I could never do. Sure they were manufactured, trendy emotions, but they were emotions nonetheless, I think.

But seriously, I'm gonna miss the simplicity of highschool. Even though my highschool experience sucked compared to most kid's, I wouldn't trade it for all the cliche love poems or black and white photos of leaves in the world!

Luckily for me, I will see plenty of hipsters in college! More then ever actually. Hell, I might even join them for a cup of coffee once and a while; though I'd need a ride because I would have no idea where to meet them. I'd be stuck digging for hours!

I'll still see some punk kids time to time when I go to shows in little local venues.

Goths have been dead for a while now so I guess I'll see them in Hell or something.

I'll always have a love for throwing large sticks in front of skateboarders, so I guess I'll still see a lot of them.

I hate the hip-hop culture with a passion so I really dont give a shit if I never see any of them ever again.

I'll see metal kids when I go to worship Satan (I honestly prefer Leviathan, but attendence is down).


I guess highschool will never truly go away. Maybe life is like on giant school. Only there's crack dealers so it's like a black school. But it's a school nonetheless, I think.


Oh and I love fuckin labeling people bitches! That's like survival guide rule #34. It's right after drinking your own piss.

Uploaded 06/25/2011
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