A question of evolution

I'm going to ask a serious question here. I qualify this by saying I do not wish to insult anyone or thier beliefs. I genuinely want to know the answer I seek. It has been my observation that serious, sober, even inteligent and educated people can, some of them, seriously discount evolution as a theory and in some cases not even think it ahs some merit. Leaving aside politicians who aren't qualified with thier inteligence or education, and avoiding arguing what a theory is and isn't because we all know it explains evidence. (in biology or anthrolopolgy anyway. in physics or mathmatics it might be a proven hypothesis). Don't fact check me on this, I'm not a major of any science. What I really want to know is how a reasonably inteligent person can not accept evolution is an explanation for the evidence we have. other then the fact that inteligence sometimes simply helps us rationalize our nonsense (source: ) how can someone think this?

For my own part I think the evidence I observe demands an explanation of selective survival. We are as a species, as I experience it myself, very inclined to breed and inclined to enjoy breeding very much. Any being that reproduces sexually would obviously begin to express tendancies to enjoy breeding more strongly in thier gene pool for the fact that this would insure those individuals would breed more. furthermore the manner in which most species survive or nourish themselves seems nothing short of efficient. There is nothing harmonious, orderly, peaceful, balanced, or beautiful about the way survival works in any eco system. It simply is what is efficient. organisms having to consume others ensures population control and future food supplies. It is the most likely tendancy to foster survival and future rbeeding, thus greater expression of this tendancy in the gener pool. Looking at this system I feel that no hand could have crafted this, it must certainly have happened on it's own. I am not saying I believe there are no gods because I do believe there are. I think our notions of thier role and purpose is greatly mistaken.

So answer me anyone, how can a serious person deny evolution? I won't judge, I'm just curious.

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