A Real American Hero

Hi Guys,

I was just wandering around on the home page and sniping the commentards when I saw something that made me incredibly proud and incredibly saddened at the same time.

Actionjack posted a clip taken from the news about the passing of a REAL AMERICAN HERO!


Robert Howard, The ONLY person to be nominated for the Congressional medal of Honor 3 times (you can only recieve one). The article did a great job of covering his accomplishments and achievements in the 1 min 30 allotted to it. 

I mean Goddam this guy was fucking Chuck Norris incarnate, 7 silver stars, 4 bronze stars, 3 distinguished service crosses, 9 purple hearts, and I thought good for EBW for featuring this, good for us for being able to hear about this man, and good for us for being able to honor him with  a supportive or admiring comment.

Then I started reading the comments.

What the fuck is wrong with people? Now I'm not going to say that all the comments were derogatory or negative but there were a disproportionaly large amount of negative or stupid comments. 

Now I know the comment section on the feature page is fair game and I understand the games that they play there but there is a time and a place for everything and I felt that that particular feature was neither the time nor the place..

All those Jackwads that had something snide to say about Mr. Howard or our military in general should get out of their mommas basements and get the fuck out of this country, because they clearly do not respect the sacrifices our servicemen make and have made and they do not deserve the rights guaranteed by those servicemen. 

Can I do anything about it? No

Will this blog make any difference? No

Do I feel better for getting this out of my system Hell Yes!

Thanks for listening.

Saluting Robert Howard and all of our service people,,



Uploaded 07/16/2010
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