A real blog....Deunan at his finest?

I'm gonna be real here people. I do not care about spelling, grammar, punctuation whatever. I'm hella drunk and don't give a fuck.




I awoke this morning to find ice pellets on the ground and everything frozen. While the car warms up I admire the beauty of the frost covered ground. An inch, perhaps, of frozen ice covers everything. The sun beats down without a cloud in the sky, unable to disrupt the chill brought about by the layer of ice. The trees are weighed down by the frost, the silence is mind shattering!

I venture to run my errands. I stop for breakfast at the Park Pavillion. The only place that makes a decent scone. I have a glass of wine with my scones, it's a beautiful morning!

I drank way too much vodka last night. I'm still drunk this morning but I don't care. After a glass of wine at the Pavillion I pick up a bottle of vodka, I'm at the library, I wreak of wine and vodka. Do I care? Not at all!

The library is surrounded by local artist's work. Many beautiful statues and art deco kinda stuff. I can appreciate this! I can appreciate the brunette I saw walking through the parking lot in high heels, black leggings and tight gray sweater. Beauty surrounds us all. We just have to look for it.

I watch a mother and her two young children in the park in front of the library. I am overcome with emotion. To the left are young kids skateboarding, to the right people are setting up the stage for Thursday night's Concert in the Park.

I listen to classical music as I blog. I see beauty all around me, the children, the women, the learning and knowledge seeking people. But.....if you look deeper...things aren't so beautiful.





Antithesis of beauty...


Walking through the parking lot I have to step over a frozen pile of puke. Undoubtedly left by a homeless drunk or drug addict. (Hey, who am I to judge right?) I hear a mother screaming obscenities at her children. I get preyed upon by teenagers who are pan-handling for change. As I enter the library a homeless man is being escorted out by two police officers.

The world's an ugly pace people! Sometimes you don't have to look too hard to see it!


Cold, Dark Deunan

Uploaded 12/30/2010
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