A Request for a Creative Writing Blitz!

I Know I am a prick for my  stances on fringe topics.  They either annoy people or people ignore them. But my true love is creative writing, real or imagined or a mix of both. The human spirit with the human imagination can be a powerful moving experience. We are truly blessed with a venue here to express ourselves and our ideas no matter how far fetched, irrational, disturbing or absurdational to a wide audience. 

This is an opportunity for all of us to express all kinds of thoughts and ideas. 
I have to get up early to drive my boy to camp in the morning, but I will write something out of the ordinary this weekend. Please, those few who still like to read or write a blog give me some inspiration or random tangent that sets my imagination on fire.  Madness is my constant companion and I need a moment to express it in a world prepared for such insanity. 

Set the table, adjust the lights, let your thoughts flow. There is opportunity here that we take for granted. Seize the moment, an audience awaits. 

Uploaded 06/29/2012
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