A Responce

This is going to be a 2 part blog, my answer to pro-lifers, and my answer of how to solve americas economy. Both of those things have something in common and I will get to that issue a little later. First I feel I must write how this started for me.

It started about 2 weeks ago when one of my friends wife posted a blog and a bulletin on myspace about voting to ban abortions in colorado, Proposition 48 I believe. She went to screaming about how the country is going to go to peices because we elected the wrong guy and how babies will be murdered. Most of the time I would dismiss such ramblings, but on this ocasion I did not and responded with a simple,  I dont agree with you about the prolife issue in so many words, nothing colorful, just a disagreement.

This woman is adamant about debaiting this with me. My only responce to her was this. I condone murder, simple as that.

Now dont get me wrong, I dont think that abortion is entirely murder. I once again hae to give credit to my wife for this explination of pregnancy. Once you are pregnant you are carrying a dependant parasite within your body. It feeds off of the nutrients your body makes and thus defining it as a parasite. There is more but I will more than likely save it for another blog and put it up for argument. The same with the whole when does it become human issue?, Another issue for another blog.

Going back to my responce, I condone murder, I really do. People in this world we live in just piss me off by every obvous flaw, Extreme ignorance from a lot of them, no consideration for anyone and a Lot of people truly believe that the world owes them something. These people are owed nothing more than a bullet sometimes. How does this pertain to abortion you ask, well the answer is simple, Stupid people are only going to bring into this world more stupid people. Cut it off at the source is all I am saying.

My theory on one way to solve an economy does tie in to that thought. This might only work if you dont believe in a code of ethics.  I believe that a mass genocide would really help out every country right now. Espeically in a country with large populations, nobody realy cares about third world countries, killing them would not really matter in terms of helping everybody else because they are not consuming very much. Lets just take the example of any heist movie you have ever seen.  When they are having to split up profit between the group, if one member dies, more for everyone else. I really think it would work.  Just take out mexico or canada for starters, see how that works out for us over here.

Now I am not saying just nuke the whole country, no that would fuck everybody up, I am saying if you are going to gain the resources of another country, band together, start at the border then work your way up. You want to preserve as much as you can just get rid of the consuming parties. 

There is plenty of room for argument on the exact implimentation of the plan, and we can argue that in another blog when I think of the best way to do it, or hell feel free to expand upon this blog in a blog of your own and tell me how you would enact it.

The main line of the theory is the one that I believe holds true. Mass death = greater good for another country. The more people gone the more there is for everyone else.

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