a response to savcams blog about hondas

savcam recently wrote a blog concerning teenagers and their tendency to fix up their hondas. i am a honda owner myself and ive put almost 10000 into my accord, but i have to say, i agree with him. too many of these little fucknuts get an intake and an autozone tachometer and think theyre behind the wheel of the space shuttle. consistently driving like your ass is on fire doesnt make you vin diesel, it makes you an asshole.

i bought my car and immediately went to work on it. it has a black widow 2 bodykit, with ferrari fenders, a carbon fiber hood, lambo doors, an nice alpine stereo, tvs in the headrests, dvd player, aftermarket head and tail lights, a blue neon interior and exterior lighting kit,  a nitrous kit, and dual exhaust with a soon to be flamethrower kit. under the hood? i have one of those blue anodized oil caps, thats about it. in truth, the only reason i have the nitrous setup is that the purge is set through the vents of my ferrari fenders and the cloud of nitrous is lit up by blue led lights. it looks pretty cool. finish all that up with a satin black paint job and the car looks pretty kickass. i even bought a racer looking carseat for my 3 yr old.

i built my car to be pretty,  not fast. in all actuality, im afraid to drive it fast because (after all the body mods), the fucking car will shatter in an accident. rarely will you find me going faster than 70, much less participating in all the racer douchebaggery. but man do i look cool while driving in the slow lane.

too many of these kids put bullshit mods on these already flimsy cars and then proceed to drive like assholes. they dont have the driving experience to avoid a major accident, and so to compensate they drive 100 plus on the freeway. fucking retards. id say let them all die in fiery crashes if it werent for the fact that they usually take innocents with them.

in my city there is a tretch of road where all the kids race.  since i live in a populated area, it gets pretty busy on friday nights. the cars line up and on either side of the road, drunk and excited kids watch the festivities, without any safety walls... im sure where you can see the problem coming here right? its not the racers themselves that die, but some drunken cockbag sitting on the side who gets creamed ny an out of control car. nice. was it worth it? do you feel cool now? killing your friends for the sake of what? assholes.

so now because of these fuck knuckles, cops assume ANYONE driving a modified honda is one of these assholes. because these kids cant control themselves, the rest of us constantly get fucked with. i get pulle dover on a regular basis now. is anything on my car illegal (besides the nitrous)? no, but i still end up with the inconvenience of having to stop. i guess i went on kind of a rant here but to some it uo i guess id like to say, " thanks you fucking jerkoffs, youve made life harder for everyone because you like to act like a dick"




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