A response to turkzil

I don't really consider myself a card carrying liberal, but I'm sure you would, turk.  I think people who don't work shouldn't eat.  Hunger is a hell of a motivator to get employed.  By the way, I'm rapping this out while I'm getting ready for work.  It's not as verbose or complete as I'd like it to be.

Describe these family values that the dreaded liberal seeks to destroy, please.  I prefer the values that I impress on my children than the ones Bush impressed on Jenna and her sister.  Remember, I'm from Texas.  I remember her public intoxication tickets while she was at UT.  No, I don't go to church, but I'm not a hypocrite either.

Marijuana?  Even if it remains illegal to smoke, the commercial value of the plant can't be debated:  biofuel, paper, fibers, etc. 

Killing the unborn isn't a good idea.  Making desperate teen girls get illegal abortions isn't a great idea either.  By the way, how many crack babies do you plan to adopt when abortion is illegal, turk? 

Bush sent troops to Afghanistan because it was a haven for terrorists and run by the Taliban.  I'd like to see more of that.  Bush sent troops to Iraq because he has daddy issues and thought they'd be easy to beat and give us a foothold in the middle east.  There are far more terrorists in Iraq since we've taken over. 

And gas prices are low because the economy is so fucked up that we can't afford to consume much of it.  Be patient, when recovery comes it'll be back up to $4-$5/gallon.

Sure, there are terrorists in Guantanamo.  There are people there who weren't when they were incarcerated too.  I'll bet they're terrorists now though.  If we're going to keep on assuming we're ethically and morally superior to the rest of the world, and I assume you do because of your stance on values, we're going to have to stop torturing people and holding them for years without giving them legal representation, charging them with crimes, and giving them a trial.

Uploaded 04/24/2009
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