A Serious Blog My first time... very special and emotional

I guess it all began when I was about sixteen. I really wanted to buff so my Uncle Bud said he would be more then happy to help me lift weights. Now my Uncle Bud was a dream hunk, he was 6 feet tall, had a nice defined chest, rock hard abs, big arms, strong legs, and to top it off his chest and abs were hairy. My Uncle loved to sit out in the sun so his skin was a nice brown making the brown hair on his chest and abs make him look even more sexier. He had sort brown hair that seemed only to make his rugged good looks seem even hotter, he always had a four o"clock shadow and I loved it. As time went by I began to work out with him and my own body began to develope, I loved looking at my Uncle so much that I began to work out 2 hours a day when I was seventeen.

By the time I was eightteen I had a very nice body. I had short blond hair bright blue eyes a nice chest, hard abs, big arms, and unlike my uncle I was completely smooth on my chest and abs. I alson tanned with my Uncle giving me a nice brown color as well. I had been dreaming about seeing my Uncle's cock for a long time but never tried to and I'll never forget the day it happened.

I was still eightteen and I had come over to my Uncle's house just to hang out, I was in a white sleeveless shirt and black gym shorts, I was in his living room watching T.V. and he had just got back from work so he was taking a shower. I was flipping through the channels when he stepped out into the living room completely naked, I was stunned. His huge uncut manstick dangled there like a horses dick. It was long and thick, I felt my cock get hard but covered it up, he came and sat next to me and said he was missing his favorite show so I gave him the remote and tried not to stare at his monster cock. But I was even more shocked when he turned on a gay porno and sat and watched it.

"Uncle Bud you like this stuff?!" I said in excitment but tried to hide it. His cock was getting harder and I was amazed that it could get any bigger. He smiled over at me. "Hell yea, and I know you do to, I"ve seen the way you look at me." When I heard that i nearly died and scooted away a bit, my Uncle pulled me back "No I like it," he grabbed his cock "You like this baby?" I nodded while continuing to stair at it, "Go on bitch take it in your mouth." He didnt need to ask twice so i bent down and took his long hard uncut cock in my mouth savoring the taste. I guessed it must have been 12 inches long because I knew from exsprience that I could put 9 inched in my mouth and his cock wouldnt even fit all the way in my mouth. He moaned and rubbed my back as i sucked him off. He then pushed me away. "You want my cock in you motherfucker?" "Oh God yes." I begged, he slipped off my shirt and and stood me up while still sitting, slid off my shorts, I was completely naked infront of my uncle my hard uncut 9 inch cock sticking straight up. My uncle smiled and sat back motioning for me to sit on his cock. I got above him, stradling him and slowly lowered myself. My uncle pulled back his foreskin and held his phallus in place. 

Slowly the head went into my boy twat, i winced for just a second, my hands on his hairy chest to support myself, he put his hand on my hip and slowly guided me down on his cock inch by inch I took it all in taking the pain with the extreme pleasure of his cock in me. As the last inch was slipped into my cock I sat their breathing hard my hands rubbing my Uncles hairy chest and abs and my uncle leaned in kissing my chest, his four o"clock shadow iching me but driving me wild, "Oh god Uncle Bud fuck me." He put his hands on my waste and began to lift me up then glide his coc back in my. After so long he began to stick more and more inches in and out of me and he began to fuck me harder and harder. Sweat trickled down his chest and I moaned every time he slammed his cock back in my virgin shit pincher, screaming his name. Soon he was fucking me like a dog and I was loving it, soon the pleasure was just to much "Oh god Uncle Bud im gonna bust!!" Then I shot my hot white load all over his hair chest and abs some even landing on his face, he smiled and fucked me harder. Until I saw his jaw clench and I knew what was coming, I felt his cock expand and he blew his DNA deep into my colon, as I felt him spilling his cum all over inside me I suddenly came again, not as strong, it just kind of "bubbled" out

After he was done we just sat their, his dick still inside me, just breathing hard, my hands roamed over his hairy chest. He leaned in and kissed me, and he promised that this would be our new workout for now on.

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