a simple dish

out of all the meals my favourite has got to be spaghetti bolognese.

first i chop some onions. the onions need to be really finely diced. i cut the onion's stalk off then cut it in half and peel off the skin. i leave on the bottom and cut finely towards the bottom without cutting all the way through. this keeps the onion intact making it easier to finely chop it the other way. what you are left with is finely chopped onion and the bottom which you can throw away.

i put the onions in a little bit of oil and throw on a pinch of salt, this allows the onions to sweat so you do not need as much oil and the onions fry rather than boil.

just as the onions start to soften i throw in the mince and cook until the mince is brown, i do all this on a hot heat.

when all of the mince is brown i tip away all the excess oil. what is good about this method is that you can use cheap mince and tip away the excess fat. i make six portions in one go and freeze them; the cost of each meal is less than a dollar.

i put the heat on low and add a dash of red wine to compensate for the loss of liquid. i then throw in red onions that are more thickly cut than the white ones and cook them with the mince for a while with pepper, mixed herbs, peppers if you want and worchester sauce. cook this for a few minutes on a medium heat. if you wish you can add a little amount of dried chilli pepper.

all this will flavour the mince before you throw in chopped tinned tomatoes, a few squirts of tomato paste and some fresh tomatoes. i guess you could just throw in canned or fresh tomatoes and be done with it but find the more textures and variates in a dish makes it more interesting.

let all this cook for a few minutes and then taste what you have made. add extra ingredients you have already put in until it tastes great. throwing in a few basil leaves at this point if you have them is good as cooking fresh basil too long takes away the flavour.

put the bolognese on low and leave to simmer for about an hour, taste it one more time adding anything if needed, usually a little bit of salt and your have yummy bolognese. serve with red wine, spaghetti, parmesan cheese and ciabatta cut in half, spreading a teaspoon amount of garlic paste and some butter across it and grilling it on low until lightly brown.

serve to a girl or guy you want to impress to increase probability of coitus.

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