A Sincere Apology

This goes out to the Moderators and Administrators of this website, and also I hope to set an example of proper procedure and personal conduct when it comes to retracting public claims or accusations made in error. Recently I uploaded a video that had controversial content, socially and politically. I never add such content in hopes of getting it featured, I do so as a means of provoking debate and dialogue, as well as disseminate information that may not have been seen otherwise. This last video however seemed to disappear from the viewable list of uploads and I assumed it had been hidden from sight by the Admins/Mods of eBaums World out of fear of controversy, or perhaps because they where protecting a social/political stance that they did not want sullied. I resubmitted the video and announced my suspicions that the eBaums World Admins where white washing my submission. In that forum UsedCarMan took my accusation to task and then worked to explain why my submission had been removed from view. It appears that if a video is flagged by other users, it removes that video from the view of others until it can be reviewed by the moderators. I did not know that the flag button had that much authority, but regardless, I was in error for accusing the Admins of removing my submission from public view, I have thanked UCM for his efforts and apologized for my accusation, but that is not good enough. Since my accusation was made publicly, I feel that so should my amends. I offer my sincere apology to all of the Admins and Moderators of this site for my unfounded, and ultimately false claims, and I hope that by doing so I restore any damage I may have done to the credibility and reputation of each and everyone who this accusation was directed. Again, a big thanks to UsedCarMan for his efforts, and for being a standup guy and a professional in dealing with this situation. With that said, I shall bow my head and push the plate of crow aside and call the meal done. Good day all.
Uploaded 08/16/2012
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