A Slight Calamity


I like to play Hackey Sack. I haven't had sex in over Thirteen months. The only things that arouse me are thoughts of Bondage. I'm rather unenlightened and depressed 'cause my girlfriend hasn't been in my arms for a while. I enjoy the natural courses of life, such as predator and prey. I'm in love with Marijuana. I wish I had the ability to fly. Being able to cry gives me great relief. Yes, I realize I'm slowly becoming dreadfully emotic. My eyelids become heavier under this spell of Codeine. I enjoy school, mainly because of the humans whom attend it. I'm drinking a generic soft drink: "Mountain Breeze". My voice is stiil not able to yell louder than the screech of my Heart. I'm a slave to beauty and compassion. I absolutely adore all female otaku. Ghhhhaaaaahh! I miss my girlfriend and every molecule of her Being!! It truly kills to be at this distance from her!

I oppose abuse. I rave and ache to speak my deepest thoughts to caring mates! Humans: perfect animals! Don't care what you say; it's true.

I'm glad you had the time for this blog. Thank you, I love you.

Uploaded 10/04/2008
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