A Song I Wrote In My Free Time

This took me a very long time, so please comment and critique!

- Just edited it so it's a little changed around

Take a Walk




A true MC from St. Loui

I’m not like the other rappers you see on TV

I was raised in the hood but I ain’t much of a G

Didn’t choose the game cause the game chose me


Infused in my brain, hasta be

Cause when ever I hear a beat

I can’t help but release a spree so free

People call me Moses, cause I part the sea


A rebel with out a cause, with no gat, only words to draw

I enter combat, with my own set of flaws, as a soulja

I drew a hard line, and swore to never cross ova

So when the tough gets going, I keep things kosha


I act like an animal, rap like a cannibal
Devouring punk a** rappers, with flows so phenomenal

Cause when you live in the world of the piranha

There’s no nirvana, so people just do what they wanna


A coward dies but a thousand deaths

And the count keeps rising every time I release a breath


I’m a pretender, a reality bender

I take what’s real and feed it to a blender

My words, these inventions, my most prized possessions
Can change the world in one shot, like a nuclear weapon


You can’t live life in constant fear

Of the invisible man in the see-through mirror

I search for truth and nothing else

Cause the worst person to run from is yourself


Life’s a string of harmonizing tone

That you can play with such elegance, it radiates to the bone

We reminisce forgotten streets and nameless kings once known

Cause in the end, your past will be the only thing you own


This is my rendition, fishing for something deeper

Caught so many thoughts, but none were keepers

As you can see, a real MC

….Wrote 95% of this in theology


- Jew-Unit (aka Rattlesnake 93)

-  PS: This whole rap goes with a beat so its more like poetry without one

Uploaded 06/14/2008
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