A "SWIFT" review.......

I like many on here think Meebo although a good thing sure seems to be making my computer work OVERTIME, it sounds like a nascar going into the straight a way, someone said "well turn Meebo off" please tell me how I cant find the off button so really if anybody knows how pass the info on to me. So somebody recommended the site "" and my first impression is this is a good site with many different toys and I certainly can speak up for their customer service which is 6 stars out of 5, BUT and there is the rub!!! It has several ways to talk with one another like chat rooms and one on one but I noticed something last night while on line and this is a biggy for me.......while talking to friends or fellow internet nerds which ever you want to call them, you can lower your page and look at the same people talking on another private line. Now all of you can take this information how you want to. I know it is a fantasy to expect confidentiality on any web site but I need to have SOME! Maybe I haven't worked the kinks out yet but to watch other people talk in privacy....well it made me feel uncomfortable. I mean what if they said bad things about me? I might be crushed or at min. my feelings hurt, or maybe I just would not care but either way we should know the rules if we are going to play a game. I say try the site it does have some interesting toys but and I did say BUT remember where you came from and always come back here.


In closing I want BFP2 to notice I never called anyone names if they disagree with SWIFT and what I mean by that..... I didn't title my blog SWIFT is a piece of shit and so are you if you use it. Now, BFP2 did you get it? Grow up and if you have an opinion maybe just maybe you could allow other people to have theirs without calling them names, because as you found out you name call on here people will come right back at you. I promise I always will.


Thanks for reading Bohank

Uploaded 07/02/2009
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