A Tale of Tales

You are sitting at your chair reading what I have written, thinking to yourself will this be another blog about how the women flock to me like birds heading south for winter. But this isn't one of those amazing blogs of truth and wisdom, this is a blog of lies and slander, murder and deception or maybe none of that at all. I hope you are touched by these disgusting and untruthful words that have been placed into tablets of history.

     There was once a great dragon that plagued a small village far from this land. The people of the village lived in fear night and day terrified the great beast might once again kill and destroy everything they had held close. People were forced to live their lives with this one dimension of fear not knowing anyway to stop the evil that lay so close to them. 

Nothing could ever stop the beast even after trying everything possible. Countless knights and mercenarys traveled from far and wide to try and slay the mighty beast in glorious battles but none succeeded the task, all falling victim. This making the town certain of its future fate that lay closer than they knew.

Until one day...

A glorious man in armor of gold sat on a white horse that could stand still and yet look as if galloping full speed was seen wearing the grandest of armor and sharpest of swords. He approached the towns people and learned of their problems and decided he was the only one who could remove their problem, with a kick to his horse they headed towards the mighty beast like the lightning above rolling across the plains, sword in hand and no fear in his eyes or heart.

He finally rode up the treturous mountain side until he came across the dragon, which only ignored him for some odd reason. The man jumped off his horse and said, "Dragon! I know you've been using multiple accounts to rate your own items!", "and now it will end". The beast now looked over at the man, sensing fear for the first time in its life, who was charging at him with sword unsheathed in front, determination through his body, the dragon prepared for battle but before it could even start, the steel of the mans blade severed the head of the dragon clean off, fell to the ground and layed lifeless.

The villagers were amazed when their hero returned down the mountain, pulling the beasts head behind his steed. Needless to say they skull fucked the dragons eye sockets and masturbated all over its face bringing this amazing tale to an end.

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