A Tear for Gary Coleman

Today we lost one of the most brilliant actors of all time. The lovable little chocolate curmudgeon, Gary Coleman. He lived a very short life. Sorry. That was a terrible pun and it's way too soon to be making jokes.

He died of a brain hemorrhage. Many people don't know that a brain hemorrhage is a type of stroke. We usually think of a stroke as a blockage or clot in the brain. This is known as an ischemic stroke. A stroke caused by bleeding in the brain is called a hemorrhagic stroke. You see, there are different strokes.

I guess they are cleaning and preparing "Arnold's" body for viewing by friends and relatives, in fact, he's been washed up for quite a while.

Gary suffered health problems for years and underwent two kidney transplants. His growth was stunted and he never grew out of his  sad, childlike body. He walked on little-boy legs supported by bad kid knees. He wanted to be tall and manly but there was no way to let the knee grow. KNEE GROW, PLEASE!!!

I'm thinking doctors didn't try enough measures to save his life. I would have tried bathing him in hemlock as I hear you can recover from a brain hemorrhage if you're in poison.

G'bye, little guy. You will be missed by dozens. That's whatI'm talkin'bout.


Uploaded 05/29/2010
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