A Weird Feeling

I dont really know how to start this off but Im feeling a lot different around my mom lately. Before I go any further let me tell you a little about my mom she had me when she was 16 shes a single parent but currently has a boyfriend. Around a month ago she changed up her wardrobe and is now dressing differently. Like its weird she shows off a lot more cleavage i can see her thong... and i often catch my self like day dreaming/spacing out at these parts of her body. When its my turn to do the laundry i always take my time with her items i always catch my self just staring at her thong and i always read her bra size 34c... now dont think of me as weird but am i like attracted to my mom is this sort of thing a faze everyone goes through but one more thing when ever shes with her boyfriend i often sort of compete with him and i always feel awkward talking to her now...

Uploaded 02/25/2009
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