Abortion and a digression into the Church as a whole

Ahh yes, the holy grail of all arguments. I for one am Pro-Choice. Before I even begin please respect what I say and if you disagree with me please explain why. If you start the insults I'll personally come to your house with a dump truck full of skittles and fill you with them until your eyeballs turn a mixture of red,purple and yellow. Whatever the hell color that makes. Now let us begin.


    First I'd like to explain my religious beliefs because of course the Roman Catholic Church is hugely involved in American Politics even though there is this supposed seperation of Church and State. I'm sure you've heard of that. Now I'm a Deist. I don't believe there is any organized religion that is correct because if we threw all the religions together they would conflict, thus everyone goes to hell because they are sinning in some religion. Deism ina  nutshell is the result of a basis of faith and science. I believe the big bang theory. But i think that the two molecules that omprised it had to be made some way. logical correct? So that way must be some sort of Divine presence. I don't believe that god has any part in this world. I don't believe in Christ and I don't believe in the Bible. I say all this with ten years of Catholic teaching under my belt. in fact I'm in a class totally discussion based on theology now. The reason I'm telling you my religion is so that you can understand where I"m coming from on my viewpoints. The only good and just is what you believe to be good and just.

    Now, enough of my digression. My first point. The Roman Catholic Church(from here on referred to as RCC if necessary) says that life begins at conception. I questioned this to my teacher who told me that it is classified thusly because it has "the potential for life". Now I didn't really think about that until this morning when I realized something. Does not every sperm have the potential for life? In fact, in that logic, doesn't that have to mean every single period a woman has is in fact as immoral as an abortion? That egg had the possibility to be life didn't it? And hence every masturbatory act by a guy means that he has just sinned over 250 MILLION times because that's the average number of sperm within one ejaculation. Personally, I'm not a big fan of that one.  

    Secondly, there is a passage in the bible that states "And God said unto them, let the people of this area be killed. the men slaughtered and the women with children have their stomachs cut open and their children be slain." Is this not the God that the RCC says is "all-merciful" and cares for every single human life?

    For that matter, what is the Church? The Church is a group of men. Where's the key words here kids? That's right MEN. Men who have the ability to be corrupted by power, and guess how much of that the Church ahs in the world? Very good! A SHIT LOAD! So we base our decisions on morality on what men have said. And some of you educated bloggers will reply with "but thegodlyone the bible says so too" now who was the bible written by? Take a guess. You got it, men.

    Just because I feel like it I'm going to harp on the RCC as well. Seeing as how I have these different beliefs the church would deem me a heretic. Heretics are considered condemned souls. So this means that we have a God here who doesn't want us to question anything, just wants us to sit back and shut up. Sounds very much like a certain dictator with a crazy mustache about sixty years ago. Yes I did just refer ro the god of the RC as Hitler. I say this, knowing full well that this God cannot be the true god of this universe.

    My teacher says very often "Everythign happens for a reason." What kind of an explanation is that? Here is what I asked him. If this is true, why does god let us break our legs?(I asked this with a strategy in mind) and he said it was because God wanted you to get through the hardship of a broken leg. I then asked well what if we lost a friend because he was a jerk? Well god wants you to be able to forgive him? Really, that's interesting. So your saying that everythgin that happens to us is for some greater good to improve ourselves yes? That is correct. if I got into a car accident and became mentally disabled OR I died and went to hell(seeing as how I'm a heretic and according to the pervious blogs of the night I'm going to fuckign Siberia) where is the lesson? how can we learn from that? His only response was Well we can't know what God wants. If that is the case why didn;t you just say that from the get-go? Probably because you can't explain that last one, your coping out saying it's god's will and whatnot. If God just cuts people down so that he can condemn them to hell, then I will not worship that god.

    Wow I digressed royally form my original point. Oh well don't care

Thegodlyone has spoken

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