About me

I'm probably the only person with a life interesting enough to blog about. All you other guys have very boring lives, no matter how hard you try to be posers.

-I was born in Hashishkistan. For those of you who don't habla geographo, that's a very long country bordering Kazakhstan and Netherlands.

-My parents owned a large hashish farm, which I inherited.

-I lost my virginity to Audrey Hepburn when I was 11.


-My parents, being Asian, made me do a PhD in every subject. That is why I'm smarter and have more knowledge than you. Don't believe me? Look in my groups, I belong to the Super Brain group. But I don't like to boast about it.

-I have a tattoo on my cock, of my cock. And another one that says "Hashiskistan" and goes around my cock.

-I have so much sex, I had to get scientists to have me grow a second cock and another set of balls.

-I play poker every month with Hugh Hefner, Sean Connery, Maddox, Charlie Sheen, Chuck Norris, and the Dos Equis guy.

-I own 33% of Viumbe shares. So this shit site, is 1/3 mine. So if I don't like your shit blog, I can delete 1/3 of it.

-I own a lot of shitty cars like Ferrari, Bugatti, etc.. But my main mode of transportation is travel by bear:


-I am considered a deity in 6 countries.

-If by now you don't think I'm a million times better than you, because the concepts I brought up in this blog were too complex for you to process using 100% of your brain, then this simple video should sum up why I'm a badass:

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