Absinthe Is Back

After a decades-long prohibition absinthe is back. We’ve all heard the stories that go way beyond drunken debauchery. I have no idea of their validity and I’m certainly no student of the history of the Green Fairy. True or not the tales have added to the mystic of the drink and I must admit that I’ve long wanted to try it.

I never bothered with the faux-absinthes that found their way into the US market. I was content to wait until I could find a bottle overseas someday. But now I don’t have to. Two companies, for now, are selling the stuff legally here in the US, Kubler and Lucid. (By the way, is there a more perfect name for an absinthe maker than Lucid?)

But if you’re going to try it you’ll need to know how to prepare it. Like I said, I’ve never had it myself but here’s how the process was described to me. Put about one and a half ounces of absinthe in a six or more ounce glass. Make sure its clear so you can watch it change. Lay a flatish, perforated spoon across the mouth of the glass and place a sugar cube on it. Now dribble about four ounces of cold water over the cube. The water will dissolve the sugar and turn the clear green absinthe to cloudy light green. You should also smell the anise and herbs. Once the sugar is dissolved enjoy!

absinthe green fairy

Uploaded 08/28/2008
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