Adjustment Bureau Review

Do you sometimes get this feeling when watching a movie that the story was written on a napkin in 15 minutes, the plot is a modified version of a different movie and that the producer probably thought that if there's famous actors in it and you get to see a lot of special effects, you'll buy it anyway?

So there's this guy who's a famous politician. He's young, smart and sexy. He's also very cool and looks like Matt Damon. In fact, he's played by Matt Damon as well. An angel fucks up the plan and the main hero witnesses them reprogram people. I couldn't make this shit up. So apparently angels can travel through gateways between dimentions by opening doors while wearing these magic hats (seriously, all that crap is in the movie) and they can change people's behavior a bit.

So the guy gets cought and one of the angels threathens him (!) that if he tells a word about what he saw, they'll fry his brain and make him into a vegetable.Since he met this girl (played by Emily Blunt) he wasn't supposed to, during the time he was in the place he shouldn't be, they take away her phone number from him and forbid to ever see his dream girl again (or they give him a lobotomy). But it's love at first sight and he can't stop thinking about her.

After 3 years of using the same bus he met her in, he finally sees her again and they start a romanse. The angels don't like it.

So basically the angel that threatened Matt Dmaon before says the guy won't become the future president if he continues to date the girl, cause she's bad influence. He should stop seeing her or he'll get lobotomised. This is one of the parts that don't make sense. If he gets his brain scrambled, how can he be a president and shit? They might as well leave that poor guy alone.

Another thing about the angels in the movie is that they all lie and cheat. They also manipulate using simple mind games. One of them cripples the guy's girlfriend, so he knows she won't be a dancerĀ  because of him. Like what is this shit?

The only good angel is black! It's the character played by Wesley Snipes that makes this movie watchable. He tells the hero what's going on and at one point helps him by teaching how to use the portals, giving him his own hat. From that point the movie turns into a classic Hollywood sfx cliche with a lot of running and escaping, and the typical "whatever you do, don't do this" where the main character does that shit and it saves him. All packed in a whiny love story about a couple who have to fight for their love, copied so many times already.

After watching the movie I have to admit it was awesome! Matt Damon and Wesley Snipes played so realisticly. And the hat thing. So original. Angels helping the world not to collapse? Reprogramming people who are about to cause another world war? Brilliant! This movie is the proof that in the times when shit is spamming the cinemas, there can be a film that's not only original, but has Matt Damon in it.

The only way this movie could get any better is if Edward Furlong played in it. But not instead of Matt Damon of Wesley Snipes. He should get Emily Blunt's role

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