Admitting Defeat

Some of you may have heard on the news that one of Bin Laden's deputies has released a video basically talking shit about Obama. The news stations described the guy as Al Qaeda's #2, so I guess I'll just continue calling him that to avoid confusion.


Anyway, aside from insulting Obama and saying he was the opposite of honorable black men like Malcolm X, he also said that by electing Obama into office that the Americans have acknowledged that Bush is a failure... and thus admitted defeat in Iraq.


After I stopped laughing, I came here to blog about this. First, to those who failed to see through this thinly veiled attempt, this message was not directed at either Obama or Americans. It was directed to Al Qaeda. If you understand anything about propaganda, then this is painfully obvious.


Right now, Al Qaeda is collapsing, basically because they're getting their asses kicked so hard in both Iraq and Afghanistan while the entire Islamic world turns more and more against their extremist ideologies, to the extent that they're even helping us fight them. Their members are losing morale, and instances of desertion or flat out surrender are growing in number.


So, like any leader worth his salt would do, their highest ranks are stepping forward and trying to present a calm, confident appearance of superiority and victory. The message had virtually nothing to do with insulting Obama or America... it's intention was to embolden Al Qaeda and make them feel as though they're winning, or at the very least that they have a prayer (because they don't).


He claims that Americans have conceded defeat by electing Obama so that his smashed and scattered fighters will feel as though they've accomplished something besides dying and occasionally managing to take an American or two with them. He also said, and I quote, "The dogs of Afghanistan have found the flesh of your soldiers to be delicious, so please send thousands and thousands after them". Reality check: In both Iraq and Afghanistan, either seperate or combined, for every 1 American they manage to kill amongst their many many many failed attacks, we kill about 5 of them. If I include captures, that number increases to roughly 15 of them for every 1 of us. So who's dogs are feasting on who?


You know, I'll bet that even when the dust settles, Iraq is stable and a steadfast ally of the U.S., Afghanistan has been cleared, the Taliban and Al Qaeda are both in shambles... even then, their leaders will still try to twist it into some kind of victory, probably by saying that their plan all along was just to make us spend a lot of money... even though all they'll have done is give our economy the equivalent of a brief shiver from the cold. I love propaganda.

Uploaded 11/20/2008
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