Agnosticism and Truth

So, I'm basically an Agnostic but i strive for the Truth at the same time. I don't limit myself. That's the beauty of being an Agnostic. One who isn't sure, but wants to know the truth. I don't care if the truth comes out of a Gerbil's ass, as long as it's the truth. It's not about whether the truth is glamorous or popular. No one in my opinion should judge truth by the aesthetic value, but the undeniable source and verification of it's authenticity. But we all know this will never happen in our lifetime. Everyone has their version of what truth is, and that's the problem. None of the versions have ever come forward with irrefutable evidence, so guess what, I'm gonna just sit here patiently for someone to show me unequivocal Truth. I think there has been ample time given and so it's sad for me to say that unless the Universal intelligence, whatever that may be, will show humanity what the TRUTH is, it's a never ending dog and pony show folks. Eons have gone by with nothing, NOTHING ! Regardless, I'll wait...
Uploaded 04/29/2012
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