AIDS aids HIV hiv smallbig IT EXISTS KILLING as we read

I'm sure million's of people  would rather not talk about AIDS/HIV more less STDS, but the fact remains these diseases are what's happening and until the cure of denial and fear takes place we will lose to them...STRAIGHT UP.  I hear people are mad at the question is WHY? Get mad at self and do something about it. Infected silence is worse than the hurting people that is spreading this with no remorse. Talk about it! so what if you might have it.. the better question is what will you do with it? spread it silently or sexually?? We broadcast so and so by saying I heard he/she has it but the burden is more harsh being afraid to walk in those clinics and discover the harsh reality that I, you, our husbands/wives/kids/family/co-workers/church members/ evn our enemies are infected. People perish for LACK of Knowledge. Yes it's eay to say what you or I would do if we had it, but what are people doing for measures of pervention? To hell with condoms talk to the public, churches, and schools where true victims are. Everyone want listen but what if you just reach one who later reaches another. Shame the devil and stop living in fear because fear nor sickness comes from God..the devil is like Freddie cruger your fear is his strength take it back tell the devil you may have laid this sickness upon me, a love one, or a friend but you want continue this epidemic. AIDS really reminds me of the devil as long as you accept the lie of the existance you lose you can still win with AIDS people that are educated with the disease can confirm this your world isn't over it maybe more complicated but so was the recovery process after Hurricane Katrina, so is divorce, so is chinese arithmetic. I said that to say when an individual really wants something bad enough the measures are nothing. I'm am married mother of 5 who's concerned about the teens the trashman are speaking of because the reality is alot of your kids/co-workers/churchmembers will eventually get it if you chose to ignore the trashman, myself, and the reality that AIDS exists.

Sad to say but alot of people ended up with aids because they sold themselves out for lack of money, drugs, or attention well if HIV and AIDS is not enough to let you know selling your body for Entergy, Cox, Sprint, Casinos, combos not super sized, or COD then you are on your way to a trashcan.

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