Alcohol Abuse Vs. Marijuana Abuse

Alcohol bad. Marijuana good. It isn't that black and white but the general outline for abuse is about that. Alcohol bad. Marijuana good.

I am no fan of prohibition so I would never say get rid of alcohol. People's behavior is up to the individual, so if one wants to abuse liquor, then it's their own liver in my book. This brings the question to my mind, is it even possible to abuse marijuana? I've smoked my fair share and I have yet to do anything detrimental while I was high. While I was drinking, however, I have almost been arrested several times as well as gotten into fights that I probably didn't need to be fighting.

Sustained use of alcohol has ruined people's lives. The only lives that I know of that have been ruined from sustained marijuana usage are celebrities that have had smoking pot blow up in their face when the media got ahold of the story. If you look up statistics on these substances, you will find quickly that alcohol has a formidable body count under it's belt. Marijuana, on the other hand, boast a whopping zero deaths. Why then is it classified as a Class A narcotic?

How do you guys feel about marijuana and alcohol abuse?

Uploaded 01/03/2012
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